Thin Clients, revisited

Well, it seems the t5720 we’ve been buying from CDW has been discontinued as of April 1st, replaced with the t5730. Here’s the skinny on the suggested replacement SKU from CDW:

AMD Sempron 2100+ (1GHz)
1GB Flash
Radeon X1250/dual-head support
Thinner (by about 3/4″)
Gigabit Ethernet.

Oh, and it’s almost 10% cheaper.

Hope to get my hands on one of these at some point and see how well it handles video.

2 Comments On “Thin Clients, revisited”

  1. looks like they dumped altiris management software from the new models … unless I’ve just missed it on the HP site.


  2. The Cybernetic Entomologist

    They don’t seem to tout altiris a feature, but all the software for it is still altiris packages.If you buy one, let me know.


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