My 5-year-old is very perceptive…

She just built a large structure out of Lego, and it has a bell.

She was explaining that it’s a school, called "Zoo" (it has a piece above the door that says so, presumably from a zoo set), and that it was a high school.

Sounds like she has a pretty good grasp on what high school really is.

I knew this day would come….

My eldest, Faith (who will be *gasp* FIVE next month) showed from a very early age (6 months?) that she was probably going to be one of these extreme-sports adrenaline junkies.

Today, she proved it. She begged us to go on the EuroBungy ride at the Stampede. 10 bucks later, she was harnessed up:

And not too long after, she was flying:

She absolutely loved it, and followed it up with a trip on one of the kiddie coasters. She’ll be moving up to the big stuff before too long. We’ve been saying for years that she’ll be a coaster junkie by the time she’s six.