Looking back…

It was nine years ago.

A routine Monday at the office, slaving for my corporate overlords. Five o’clock rolls around and I can finally quit slacking and go home. I pack up, leave my cube. I get about 10 steps away and my phone rings. Probably a server emergency or something. Why I went back and answered it, I have NO earthly idea, but doing so changed my life.

On the other end was the cute intern from another department. She said, “Why don’t you take my roommate out for dinner? She’s nice, and I need the apartment to myself tonight.” It being a Monday night, I had nothing else to do, and getting a real, live date was a hard thing to pass up. I said I’d do it, and then made my way from Broomfield down to Park Meadows in record time (especially at rush hour, pre-TREX!).

Andrea met me at the mall, and we went over to PF Chang’s where my nervous self talked her poor ears off, and then we went to see Shrek. It was totally awkward, but I apparently didn’t completely creep her out, because we met again the following night. And the night after that. Then we did an afternoon doubleheader date, with the Rockies, followed by Aida.

Six weeks later, I was moving to Kansas City to take a job with a new corporate overlord, and she followed me out here (obviously, she was insane!). We’ve now been married almost 8 years and have two (usually) adorable daughters.