Some aircraft I’ve known personally:


A-10 75-0288 – She was my pet project when I volunteered at the Air Force Armament Museum. I polished a lot of dripping oil and grease of the struts and kept the cockpit gauges clean. When I knew her, she was green and in need of fresh paint.


F-15E 86-0185 and 86-0188. The 3rd and 6th E-models off the line. I’ve been upside down in the rudder pedal wells running wires,flipped knobs and switches, fiddled with joysticks, and banged many parts of my anatomy on many parts of these two birds. If you look below the intakes, you can see the LANTIRN pods that I worked on.

I worked on a bunch of F-16s as well, but they weren’t nearly as memorable as the two mud-eagles and the retired warthog I cared for.