’tis the season for change…

This weekend is Labor Day in the US, which typically signals the end of “cultural summer” (as opposed to astronomical or climatological summers, which still have several weeks left around here). It’s also the end of one season of my life and the beginning of another.

For the last five years, I’ve been on the IT staff at Resurrection, and seen a tremendous amount of change, and learned an awful lot about an industry that I didn’t even realize existed five years ago. It’s now time for me to move on. Today at staff chapel, I announced that I will be leaving my current position on October 6, and venturing off to start my own consulting business where I can apply much of what I learned at Resurrection and share that knowledge with smaller churches and businesses who don’t have an IT staff. It is a calling I’ve been feeling for some time now, and it’s time to make the terrifying leap.

The next several weeks will be a whirlwind of winding down at Resurrection, and winding up a new business. I’m gonna get a crash course in accounting, business law, trademarks, and whatnot.

I still plan on being active in CITRT (you all are like extended family!), and showing up to as many events as time and money permit.If you know of a church or small business in and around Kansas and Missouri that has IT needs, please pass the word that I’m happy to help. I’ll post further details in this space as the website comes online.

(oh, and Resurrection is going to be needing another network administrator. Let me know if you know someone who might fit the bill)

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  1. Ian, I am sorry that you are leaving Resurrection, but completely understand!  If I can be of assistance in the future let me know.  I am sure that you will do well in your new endeavor.  May God open those doors for you, bless you and your family! 

    So will office be in the basket of a ballon?  If so are you going to use the Ubiquiti bullets tied into a wireline connection for your ties into the Internet?


  2. Hah, don’t believe for a second that I didn’t at least ponder the balloon scenario outlined above 🙂


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