Wowza Stream Class Playlist Generator

I’ve received a few comments and e-mails to my post about the Wowza Stream Class asking if I had any kind of playlist generator. I have something in Excel that I use for our weekly live stream and scheduled rebroadcasts. It may require heavy modification to suit your purposes, but it’s helpful to really see how a playlist can come together.

The sheet makes heavy use of some utterly absurd CONCATENATE functions.

Download : WowzaPlaylistGenerator.xlsx


Playlist Generator Configuration

Playlist Generator Output



5 Comments On “Wowza Stream Class Playlist Generator”

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  2. WOW this playlist generator is amazing!

    i just started playing with playlist i will use next week for a broadcast…
    just a video before live event… and one after… i plan to use next item from StreamClassControl/LiveStudio.html
    Q: do you use playlist on ec2 edge origin ? if yes do you apply it to origin and edges???

    also i have a recorder project on schedule… i ad an idea to use google calandar api to plan recordings on calendar…
    it could be amazing to see your playlist generator connected to such a calendar to plan vod live and recordings… i dream!

    BTW all your scripts and work is amazing…



    • You just put the playlist on the origin – the edges see it as just another live stream. I looked at doing a playlist integration with Google Calendar, but haven’t gotten a chance to look at implementing it yet. I’m sure it can be done with the gCal API, though.


  3. This generator looks great thank you….but can you add new playlists and videos without restarting the Wowza Media Server?….like the http provider method??


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