Live Streaming on a Budget: Post Roundup

Since there’s been a flurry of interest lately on my series of posts on live church streaming, here’s an index to the entire set of posts:

Tangentially Related:

For the benefit of the less technically inclined, I’ve moved scripts and code to their own section and updated posts that contained the code with links to the appropriate page.


6 Comments On “Live Streaming on a Budget: Post Roundup”

  1. Hello Ian,

    The links are giving me an error. Please say you haven’t taken them down. They are a great resource to all of us.




  2. I was getting a 404, Ian. But they are working now.

    Thanks, for taking the time to post this wonder series!



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  4. Also keep in mind licensing costs if you are webcasting performances of copyrighted music. There are two options:


  5. Excellent information provided by Ian Beyer.


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