Say Whaaaaaaaa?????

The last few days have been rather stressful.. Our shiny new web infrastructure at COR has been throwing major temper tantrums, which means I’ve been rather busy of late. Today, it melted down half a dozen times after I thought I’d fixed it. Each time it did something different. (and if that wasn’t enough excitement, our upstream provider had a BGP issue this morning that knocked their entire customer base off the web for about 5 minutes)

All you folks that hit our website, thank you for your patience. These have been trying times.

This morning, I noticed something very odd. And again this evening as I’m migrating the data to a new server.

root@corweb1:/content/sites# uptime
11:35:56 up -24855 days, -3:-14,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Negative uptime??? What?

root@corweb1:/content/sites# date
Wed Aug 31 11:50:17 CDT 1955

Perhaps running apt-get install flux-capacitor wasn’t such a good idea, as the machine seems to be performing on about the level of a computer from 1955.

It’s become pretty obvious that something is very ill on that box, and I think it’s time to ditch VMWare Server for ESXi. Until then, we’re moving the servers over to the bare metal on the other box (which includes the blog server, it’s already been moved).

Last login: Wed Aug 31 11:44:51 1955 from

No wonder I feel old.

2 Comments On “Say Whaaaaaaaa?????”

  1. I hope you got all your problems fixed.

    I have missed your blogging.


  2. Well, that problem seemed to be related to the VM itself, so we nuked it from orbit… And of course, every time you whack one of the moles, another pops up elsewhere.


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