Vacation Update!

I’ve been on vacation up in the great frozen cool north, in Calgary to visit my mom. My brother cashed in some of his frequent flier points to come visit as well. The story so far:

Thursday, 6/26: Arrived in Canada. Finished a novel. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Friday, 6/27 : Went to the University to get some books for the girls and see my mom’s office. Took the girls to the wading pool. Bought some new hiking/work shoes. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Saturday, 6/28 : Went hiking in Kananaskis Country, up Ribbon Creek. about 9km round trip, Faith walked the whole way. Went with a group of seniors from my mom’s church. Got left in the dust. These people go hiking nearly every week. Finished another novel. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Sunday, 6/29 : Went to church with my mom. Met some of the hikers again. Finished another novel. Picked up my brother at the airport. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Monday, 6/30: Made pilgrimage to IKEA. Lunch with my mom’s friends. Music night at my mom’s house. Finished another novel. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Tuesday, 7/1 : Canada Day! Went downtown to the festivities on Prince’s Island. Went to see fireworks afterwards. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Wednesday, 7/2 : Exhausted. Down day. Went to the city library to get some videos for the girls. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Thursday, 7/3 : Went to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller. Went out for dinner and drinks with Andrea and my brother. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Friday, 7/4 : Rested at home. Took the girls to the wading pool. Got eaten by mosquitoes. Introduced Andrea to Canadian Tire.

Saturday, 7/5: Spent the day at the Calgary Zoo Introduced Andrea to poutine. Caught evening service at Centre Street Church. Introduced girls to Tim Horton’s. Got eaten by mosquitoes.

Sunday, 7/6 plans: Stampede Breakfast at my mom’s church. Maybe get together with my godmother, as I haven’t seen her in years. Probably will get eaten by mosquitoes.

Monday, 7/7 plans: Meeting with Gregg, the IT Director at CSC to extend the hospitable hand of CITRT. Going to stampede events. Probably will get eaten by mosquitoes.

Tuesday, 7/8: Fly home. No mosquitoes, I hope.

Wednesday, 7/9: Back to the daily grind to try and fix everything that broke the second I stepped on the plane to Calgary. Rejoice in the lack of mosquitoes.

Canadian things to do:

  • Tim Horton’s
  • Poutine
  • Canadian Tire
  • Canada Day
  • IKEA (OK, not really Canadian, but we don’t have IKEA in KC)
  • Hockey (wrong season 🙁 )
  • Mountains
  • Curling (wrong season 🙁 )

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