Fun with graphics

The Deviant Monk recently posted another item in his series of illustrated psalms, this one inspired by Psalm 63. It screamed “wallpaper” to me, especially with the black at the bottom being enough to accomodate my obscenely thick taskbar. But, since I also have an obscene number of pixels on my desktop, it looked a little blurry. I asked him if he had a high-res version. He happily obliged (rerendering it took all of about 3 minutes, I think). I really like the result – The rising orb on the right nicely offsets the sidebar, and the shadow at the bottom leaves me just enough room to fit the taskbar. And it’s dark. I really like dark wallpapers.

The rest of the set (which is a work in progress) can be found on flickr. Looking forward to the day when they’re all complete and in a book form suitable for a coffee table.

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