Day at the Farm!

Shatto Milk was having an open house today at their farm up in Osborn, MO, and we thought it would be a fun thing to do with the girls. While Andrea was up at Troost Elementary for COR’s Bless The School missions project, I took the kids up to the farm.

They had a bounce house, hot dogs, beans, samples of their milk (and requisite cookies to go with, provided by Midwest Airlines). The girls got to see the bottling plant, the bottle washer, and the milking parlor, and got to pet some cows and some of the new calves (a few weeks old!). A good time was had by allĀ and the weather was absolutely perfect: low 80s, sunny, with a breeze.

It was nice enough to go up in my car instead of the minivan (My car has been referred to by some as my “Dave Ramsey Car”). My car’s air conditioner is currently out of commission, so summer trips in it with the kids are rare. Luckily, it’s highway most of the way, so it’s easy to get a good breeze going in the car even with the windows shut. I filled up before I left and when I got back. Total round trip: 158.7 miles. Total fuel consumed: 3.8 gallons. Yes, you saw that right. My $1700, 16-year-old Corolla got 41.7 mpg on that trip. Take that, Prius!

I’ll edit this post later to add linky goodness and pictures!