WLPC Extracurriculars: Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride

As it happens, another oddly specific niche community I’m involved in is hot air ballooning – And I happen to know a few folks in Phoenix who fly balloon rides almost daily. I’ve arranged for a group flight on the evening of Friday, Feb. 21, after the conference is over. We’d be leaving the hotel around 3pm and getting back around 8 – if your flight arrangements are such that you’re heading home on Saturday, come on out and have a fun flight with us. They have room for up to 36 people (in multiple balloons), so we can get a good gang out. And nobody’s going to look at you too funny if you bring some test equipment for a unique form of Wi-Fi warflying. If you want a Google’s eye view, this is the trip for you.

If you’re nervous about heights, consider that this doesn’t usually manifest itself in balloons (in the same way it doesn’t in an airplane), as your feet are not attached to the ground.

Cost: $175/person plus transportation to/from the Rainbow Ryders location (ride share, cab, something – if enough people are going I might find a van to rent)

How to book:

By Telephone (old school!): You may call 800.725.2477 and mention you’re with the WLANpros group, which will also apply the discount.

Online (new school!): Go to the Rainbow Ryders online booking page and select February 21. It won’t ask you for the discount code (WLANpros) until the very end, so don’t fret when you see a different price all the way through.

Important Note: This is a weather-dependent event – If conditions aren’t flyable (they’re almost always flyable in Phoenix, though), a refund will be issued. In which case we can all go have drinks somewhere. Or something.

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